pre-alpha 00.04.03 (last build before alpha)

spx  —  1 year ago [Edited 7 hours, 1 minute later]
Porting codeclap has gone well and to date all features are functional on Windows and MacOS in addition to Linux. This is likely to be the last pre-alpha release and I will strive to make the next release "alpha" sometime at the start of Q3/2018. The next release should be available on all platforms.

Due to inconsistent behavior across distributions newly created threads are not continued automatically after creation. This should be fixed in the next build (should be in 00.04.03-2).
codeclap has gotten better at handling optimized code but compiling with -O0 is still recommended until this has improved further.

[CHANGELOG for 00.04.03]
  • Remember and restore the size of the application window
  • [macOS] Initial macOS port
    . Implemented Mach-O format
  • [win64] Initial Windows port
    . Minimal PE implementation
    . Implemented pdb/cv format
    . Implemented Windows 64bit calling convention
  • [macOS] Additional DWARF fixes for how gcc on macOS outputs debug information
    . Handle loclists for DW_AT_frame_base
    . Added empty stubs for DW_OP_entry_value and DW_OP_GNU_entry_value
    . Consider VMAddress in MachO file to relocate DWARF information
  • Changed debugger main loop do be able to work differently on other platforms
  • Do not store the application state db on network storage (which breaks lmdb)
  • Fixed an issue when having focus on an invisible output window
  • Changed stepping behavior to not try to step an already running thread
  • Changed behavior when stepping over source lines
    . Statically analyze possible jump targets and only break on addresses outside the current line
  • Fixed a bug in the debugging view when inlined functions are placed above the 32bit address range

Download links:
spx  —  1 year ago [Edited 0 minutes later]
Well I had a bit of time on the train an uploaded 00.04.03-2 which should fix the aforementioned issue with newly created threads not running/continuing by default.
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