pre-alpha 00.04.02

spx  —  1 year, 3 months ago [Edited 0 minutes later]
This is an intermediate build and requires Linux kernel 3.2 or later. Porting continues to progress and is still expected to finish end of April/beginning of May.

CHANGELOG for 00.04.02
  • Changed line mapping and instruction ordering for source view and optimized code
    (Move based on file lines instead of instruction addresses [which is the expected behavior]; except for inlined functions)
  • Fixed scrolling over expanded inlined functions
  • Fixed cursor selection for variables in source view for plain pointer variables
  • Fixed a wrong calculation that would result in small jumps while scrolling
  • Improved the output window
    . Added a scrollbar
    . Changed scrolling behavior of the ring buffer used for the output
  • Improved debugger view performance by caching some scope lookups and using iterative lookups
  • [Linux] Improved copy and paste support for a maximum of 256KB
  • [Linux] Improved speed when interacting with remote memory
  • Added additional notifications for:
    . Source file not found
    . Source file is newer than executable (based modification time)
    . When "run to main" is available and "break at function" is not set in the configuration
  • Fixed a few undefined z overlaps in the frontend
  • Few fixes in the DWARF format implementation
  • Replaced libunwind with a custom minimal heuristic unwinder
  • Implemented attaching to a running process

  • The download is currently available from and Patreon.
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