The long road to "Alpha"

spx  —  1 year, 5 months ago [Edited 0 minutes later]
Both new builds, for Windows and macOS, are making slow and steady progress. I've decided to go the unreasonable way of pursuing both platform ports at the same time and so far I don't have any regrets doing so (the basic reasoning behind this is to challenge the design of the platform independent parts to actually match with all the different platform specific parts). This whole process will take a bit of time and I am aiming to have all platforms on par until the end of April which should be a realistic goal.

The bad news is that, while this is going on, the Linux build won't get updated as much and won't receive that many new features and mainly fixes for old bugs and newly introduced issues. I will have to push back the next maintenance release for Linux by approx. 1 or 2 weeks but, fingers crossed, after those months I will be close to a state that I can happily call "Alpha"; for all platforms.
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