pre-alpha 00.04.01

spx  —  1 year ago [Edited 28 minutes later]
Here is a late January build. There are a few QOL changes but overall there have been lots of architectural changes and I fear there are a few more regressions left than I would've liked. But at the same time this is an important step and marks the beginning of cross-platform compatibility for Windows and macOS. I will probably try to get a working macOS build first because it should require less actually new functionality and is a platform more similar to Linux.
Performance in the source view can be pretty bad at the moment which will get priority later.

CHANGELOG for 00.04.01
  • Broke a few things
  • Moved active theme from "config" file to app.db, the current value will be migrated upon next start and config renamed to config.old
  • Improved CPU activity
    Do not redraw or process mouse activity when the pointer is not within the window
    Do not redraw, process mouse activity or process keys when the window is hidden (not in "normal" state)
  • Persist and restore the order of configuration entries
  • Added ability to reorder configurations using the mouse
  • Fixed loading of arguments and environment settings for configurations from app.db
  • Revised initial view
    Show old sessions in history window, added ability to clear the history window
    Added ability to pin and unpin configurations, only pinned configurations can be edited further
    Changed size and position of the output window in this view
  • Fix: Correctly generate configuration IDs for on-demand startup by dropping a file outside the configuration window
  • Added button to change some settings (keybindings, theme) during an active debugging session
  • Added button to start a configuration to the configuration edit window
  • Lots of architecture changes
    Started ports to Windows and macOS
    Run debugger in its own thread
  • Fixed printing of void pointers

The download is currently available from and Patreon.
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