pre-alpha 00.03.02

spx  —  1 year, 6 months ago [Edited 1 hour, 10 minutes later]
I've wrapped up 00.03.02. This version contains some internal changes for the persistence of expressions, breakpoints etc. across restarts. There may be some edge cases left which I've missed in this new logic but I will stumble across those sooner or later.

The download is currently available from and Patreon.
Unfortunately I don't yet have any alternatives to Patreon but I will provide other means of gettings access to builds as soon as possible.

As one of the next bigger topics I will likely improve the internal structuring by porting the debugger to one additional platform (or to be precise by looking at the parts that are currently in the way of porting).

CHANGELOG for 00.03.02
  • Added autocomplete suggestions to expressions
  • Added replace mode to textedits
  • Changed addressing of lines in debugger view to better handle lines without mapped addresses
  • Changed visualization and "step into" behavior of inlined functions/address ranges
  • Added scopes CODECLAP_SCOPE_view_inlined, CODECLAP_SCOPE_view_inlined_expanded
  • Fixed cursor movement on assembly instructions in source view
  • Fixed focusing task views with Ctrl+[Number]
  • Fixed focusing task view when clicking on the task button in the top panel
  • Bind expressions and watchpoints to tasks/threads. Switching task focus will change the shown expressions
  • Fixed possible segfault in the DnD code
  • Changed configuration, expression and breakpoint storage from configs file to lmdb in app.db folder
  • Persist the last view mode for debugger views across restarts
  • Persist expressions across restarts
  • Persist breakpoints (including pending) and links between breakpoints across restarts
  • Persist watchpoints across restarts
  • The configs file is obsolete, will be migrated upon next start and renamed to configs.old
  • Fixed spinning rendering loop when multiple debugger views are open
  • Allow DWARF type lookups to fail without asserting (this works around a hit assert when stepping into a function from another DWARF file)
  • Reimplemented pending breakpoints for dynamically loaded code
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