pre-alpha 00.03.01

2 years, 6 months ago
I've been more busy in November/December than I originally anticipated but I will try to limit slowing down progression on codeclap.
00.03.01 changes the meaning of the ui.config to only contain individual changes across themes. To change to the new theme system you can clear all individual settings using the "Clear customizations" button.
To make a global change to the font size either use a single "IUI_TYPE_none IUI_ATTR_font IUI_FONT_size ##.00" line in the ui.config file or use the UI helper (Keybinding to turn it on (Ctrl + Meta by default), highlight a button or label for example, use the keybinding again. Activate IUI_SCOPE_none, click the button on the right to clear the element type and change the font size in the IUI_ATTR_font tab).

CHANGELOG for 00.03.01
  • Added scope CODECLAP_SCOPE_customization
  • Added keybinding CODECLAP_ACTION_iui_picker
  • Implemented changing the style customization stack at runtime
  • Added a customization dialog for colors, layout and font
  • Added ability to "bake" customized styles into themes and deleting of themes (right click)
  • Persist selected theme
  • Optionally read and save configuration files to .codeclap directory in home if application directory is not writable
  • Added scope CODECLAP_SCOPE_titlebar
  • Added scope IUI_SCOPE_root and a root command to act as window background
  • Added scopes CODECLAP_SCOPE_thread_state_running, CODECLAP_SCOPE_thread_state_stopped for thread buttons
  • Added a few initial themes
  • Added selection capability and copy context menu to output window

Obligatory download links: Patreon,

Currently on the list: Update to persistence of several states, Autocomplete suggestions for expressions and hopefully remaining fixes for inline functions
After that: Separating the debugger core from the UI, then additional platforms
2 years, 5 months ago
As a quick note: there will only be a single build in December with about 60% of the changes originally planned, this is the best I can do for this month.
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