pre-alpha 00.02.03

spx  —  1 year, 4 months ago [Edited 36 minutes later]
I expect the rate of new builds to tone down a bit over time, but here is 00.02.03. The next monthly 00.03.01 is right around the corner and will bring theme support and a visual assistant for UI customization on top of these themes.

The new features like watchpoints and links between breakpoints are currently not persistent across restart. This will be part of a general "persistence update" for one of the subsequent builds.

CHANGELOG for 00.02.03
  • Implemented watchpoints (data/memory breakpoints)
  • Added scope CODECLAP_SCOPE_breakpoints_active
  • Added scopes CODECLAP_SCOPE_notification, CODECLAP_SCOPE_notification_timeout
  • Added scopes CODECLAP_SCOPE_view_breakpoint_disabled, CODECLAP_SCOPE_view_breakpoint_linked
  • Highlight breakpoints/watchpoints which have been hit in the current stop
  • Implemented notifications (being timeout based or pinned)
  • Added keybinding CODECLAP_ACTION_breakpoints_link
  • Added keybinding CODECLAP_ACTION_expressions_autocomplete
  • Implemented breakpoint linking
    (linked breakpoints will only trigger once and only after the parent breakpoint has been triggered)
  • Added ability to output the result of an expression when hitting a breakpoint
  • Show disabled and linked breakpoints in the debugger view
  • Fixed register display in expression window
  • Added context menu to inline variables
  • Fixed changing a breakpoint expression condition after it has been triggered once

Download links: Patreon,
The first alpha-build may come some time in January but there is still a bit to be done until this will happen.
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