Future supporter perks

spx  —  1 year, 1 month ago
At some point in the near future I will introduce a system to publish and track planned features, feature requests and known issues. This has some interesting potential for interaction with supporters. Every patron will be able to vote for any feature/issue once a month. Votes do not reset and will accumulate over time; whatever is on top of the list will be what I will be doing next (except when another issue is linked to that one, then I will likely do the required one first).
Not all votes will be equal however. I initially intended to simply use the historical "lifetime support" as the voting amount, however it seems Patreon has trouble publishing this value through the API (the value is not included by default and every URL from the docs I've tried returns an internal error). So I may fall back to [current pledge]x[months since creation] or something similar as an inaccurate approximation.

I'd love to have this available right now/as soon as possible but I am not aware of any available standard software that does this in a sufficiently comparable way so I will probably just implement this myself over time integrating it into the existing download page. I expect this to be available some time around 00.04.01 (December).
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