pre-alpha 00.02.02

spx  —  1 year, 1 month ago [Edited 26 minutes later]
This is a quick one, meaning it lacks a bit of testing and I also had to push one missing feature to 00.02.03. But I probably won't be able to make a lot of changes within the next 5-6 days so this build may be a bit hit or miss. Before 00.02.03 I will also write a little about planned future supporter perks.

You may notice some impromptu UI changes for new additions. These are not final yet (especially the tiny unreadable button icons) and basically are a way to make features available without spending weeks on thinking about the perfect way to present them; they may change over time if it becomes clear that there is a better way to expose some of them.

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Changelog for 00.02.02
  • Text inputs now have cursor, selection and copy&paste capabilities
    (in the expression window quick access to the text field cursor is by holding the ctrl key)
  • Fixed run to cursor for the instruction directly following a hit breakpoint
  • Improved expression focus handling
    (remember selection when switching panels, Home+End to jump to first or last)
  • Added a new scope CODECLAP_SCOPE_overlay_edit_config
  • Added a new layout attribute IUI_LAYOUT_border
  • Added a button and overlay to change configurations using the UI
  • Added a button to delete configurations
  • Implemented basic drag & drop support (for executable files)
    (targets are the configuration selection window, the configuration edit overlay or the rest of the window)
  • Initial support for changeable keybindings
    (removed help page because it doesn't serve any purpose right now)
  • Implemented new interactions: run to function, run to address, run to file:line
  • Added "Run to any" dialog
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