pre-alpha 00.02.01

spx  —  1 year, 5 months ago [Edited 12 hours, 47 minutes later]
Well a few days late but 00.02.01 is finally here. Unfortunately a larger than expected portion of the expression system was broken in one way or another but it is in a much better state now, and I believe in one that won't require any rewrites of this magnitude in the future. For the next few builds I will likely prioritize smaller features and QOL changes.

This build marks the second "monthly release" and as always is available from the patreon post or

CHANGELOG for 00.02.01
  • Swapped precedence of logical/binary and/or with the other compare operators
  • Changed CMP operations to use the size of the smaller operand
  • Initial support for casts
  • Added referencing and dereferencing operators
  • Fixed pointer arithmetic (addition and subtraction)
  • Fixed array modifier for pointer results
  • Fixed hitting a debug assertion when opening a jump or break window
  • Added scope CODECLAP_SCOPE_overlay_jump_break
  • Allow clicking on pointer variable address (not only the value) to add to watch window
  • Fixed segfault when moving cursor by one or more pages at the end of a region in mixed mode
  • Allow chaining of multiple expression modifiers (e.g. ",5,mem")
  • Allow editing of raw pointer values in expression window
  • Some fixes for pointer arithmetic in expressions
  • Added operand for array subscription
  • Complete revision of the expression processing (data storage in registers and memory, encoding and byte size conversion)
  • Fixed deleting expression memory: move expression memory in order (lowest first) to not overwrite other expressions after multiple deletions
  • Use continue until trap signal instead of single stepping for the execution of expressions

  • Fixed conditional breakpoints to consider only the actual byte size instead of 8 bytes

  • Fixed interaction with UI controls within context menus
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