pre-alpha 00.01.07

spx  —  1 year, 9 months ago
There are still some fixes necessary for the expression system to be in a better state which should happen for 00.02.01.
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CHANGELOG for 00.01.07
  • Added resize handles to allow resizing the debugger, expression and breakpoint panels (right click to reset size)
  • Fixed a few issues and regressions affecting the memory view resize handle, focus and highlighting
  • Allow restarting of the debugging session with F2 after starting the debugger directly using the command line
  • Fixed usage of Ctrl+B shortcut when a textfield in the expression window has focus
  • Remember the selected view mode (source, mixed, assembly) between restarts of the debugging session
  • Do not restore breakpoints and expressions from last session after changing the selected startup configuration
  • Added style scope CODECLAP_SCOPE_expressions_inline
  • Fixed a regression adding "%regs" and "%fpregs" as expression, improved the alignment showing the individual registers
  • Initial support for function calls in the expression window
  • Consider the content of anonymous members when looking for members by name
  • Do not require DWARF variables for member lookup in expression window (this allow member lookup for function results and casts later)
  • Deleting expressions would invalidate the position of other expression result locations, adjust these without the need of recompiling expressions
  • Added "&&", "&", "||" and "|" operators in expressions
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