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pre-alpha 00.04.01

 — 3 weeks, 4 days ago
Here is a late January build. There are a few QOL changes but overall there have been lots of architectural changes and I fear there are a few more regressions left than I would've liked. But at the same time this is an important step and marks the beginning of cross-platform compatibility for Windows and macOS. I will probably try to get a working macOS build first because it should require less actually new functionality and is a platform more similar to Linux.
Performance in the source view can be pretty bad at the moment which will get priority ...
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pre-alpha 00.03.02

 — 1 month, 4 weeks ago
I've wrapped up 00.03.02. This version contains some internal changes for the persistence of expressions, breakpoints etc. across restarts. There may be some edge cases left which I've missed in this new logic but I will stumble across those sooner or later.

The download is currently available from so.codeclap.cc and Patreon.
Unfortunately I don't yet have any alternatives to Patreon but I will provide other means of gettings access to builds as soon as possible.

As one of the next bigger topics I will likely improve the internal structuring by porting the debugger ...
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pre-alpha 00.03.01

 — 3 months ago
I've been more busy in November/December than I originally anticipated but I will try to limit slowing down progression on codeclap.
00.03.01 changes the meaning of the ui.config to only contain individual changes across themes. To change to the new theme system you can clear all individual settings using the "Clear customizations" button.
To make a global change to the font size either use a single "IUI_TYPE_none IUI_ATTR_font IUI_FONT_size ##.00" line in the ui.config file or use the UI helper (Keybinding to turn it on (Ctrl + Meta by default), highlight a button or label ...
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pre-alpha 00.02.03

 — 3 months, 2 weeks ago
I expect the rate of new builds to tone down a bit over time, but here is 00.02.03. The next monthly 00.03.01 is right around the corner and will bring theme support and a visual assistant for UI customization on top of these themes.

The new features like watchpoints and links between breakpoints are currently not persistent across restart. This will be part of a general "persistence update" for one of the subsequent builds.

CHANGELOG for 00.02.03
  • Implemented watchpoints (data/memory breakpoints)
  • Added scope CODECLAP_SCOPE_breakpoints_active
  • Added scopes CODECLAP_SCOPE_notification, CODECLAP_SCOPE_notification_timeout
  • Added scopes CODECLAP_SCOPE_view_breakpoint_disabled, CODECLAP_SCOPE_view_breakpoint_linked
  • Highlight ...
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Future supporter perks

 — 3 months, 3 weeks ago
At some point in the near future I will introduce a system to publish and track planned features, feature requests and known issues. This has some interesting potential for interaction with supporters. Every patron will be able to vote for any feature/issue once a month. Votes do not reset and will accumulate over time; whatever is on top of the list will be what I will be doing next (except when another issue is linked to that one, then I will likely do the required one first).
Not all votes will be equal however. I initially intended to simply ...
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pre-alpha 00.02.02

 — 4 months ago
This is a quick one, meaning it lacks a bit of testing and I also had to push one missing feature to 00.02.03. But I probably won't be able to make a lot of changes within the next 5-6 days so this build may be a bit hit or miss. Before 00.02.03 I will also write a little about planned future supporter perks.

You may notice some impromptu UI changes for new additions. These are not final yet (especially the tiny unreadable button icons) and basically are a way to make features available without spending ...
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pre-alpha 00.02.01

 — 4 months, 1 week ago
Well a few days late but 00.02.01 is finally here. Unfortunately a larger than expected portion of the expression system was broken in one way or another but it is in a much better state now, and I believe in one that won't require any rewrites of this magnitude in the future. For the next few builds I will likely prioritize smaller features and QOL changes.

This build marks the second "monthly release" and as always is available from the patreon post or so.codeclap.cc.

CHANGELOG for 00.02.01
  • Swapped precedence of logical/binary and ...
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pre-alpha 00.01.07

 — 4 months, 2 weeks ago
There are still some fixes necessary for the expression system to be in a better state which should happen for 00.02.01.
Get it from the patreon post or from so.codeclap.cc.

CHANGELOG for 00.01.07
  • Added resize handles to allow resizing the debugger, expression and breakpoint panels (right click to reset size)
  • Fixed a few issues and regressions affecting the memory view resize handle, focus and highlighting
  • Allow restarting of the debugging session with F2 after starting the debugger directly using the command line
  • Fixed usage of Ctrl+B shortcut when a textfield in the expression ...
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snapshot builds

 — 4 months, 3 weeks ago
I'm a bit late on announcing this but there is now a page that I will use to make builds available more frequently.
The URL is: https://so.codeclap.cc
You can simply log in with you patreon account and should get access to the builds of that tier. It should work but at least for me the API documentation wasn't completely clear; if you try it and it doesn't work please write a quick response here so that I can look into fixing the patreon interface.

I've decided on a very straightforward way of providing ...
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pre-alpha 00.01.06

 — 4 months, 4 weeks ago
Get it here
Currently on top of my list: function calls and casts in expressions

CHANGELOG for 00.01.06
  • Added comparison operators to expressions (==, !=, <, <=, >, >=)
  • Added conditional breakpoints (ability to set minimum hit count or expression that has to be true)
  • Fixed adding breakpoints to addresses that contains an internal/hidden breakpoint without removing the internal first
  • Improved handling of different byte sizes in expressions
  • Fixed a regression opening inline debugging views
  • Fixed closing of inline debugging views
  • Dynamically adjust context menu width
  • Dynamically adjust stracktrace overlay width
  • Fixed incorrect prepending of names when picking members ...
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pre-alpha 00.01.05

 — 5 months, 1 week ago
This one is mostly fixes but also has some smaller features in it.
Without further ado, here is build 00.01.05.

CHANGELOG for this version
  • Added a new ",c" modifier to expressions to display memory as null-terminated string
  • Fixed highlighting in memory view for types bigger than 255 bytes
  • Fixed breakpoint highlighting for assembly lines
  • Memory view: Added tab key to quickly switch between editing bytes and characters
  • Fixed a bug in the memory allocator when compacting memory
  • Made the output window movable and resizable (both settings are not persistent at the moment)
  • Fixed a minor rendering issue for ...
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